AAW EOG Grant Availability

If you are an AAW Member you should be aware of a number of grants that are available. If you qualify for any of these grants you can apply on line at woodturner.org.

The following grants are available:

  • **Educational Opportunity Grant (EOG) Financial Grants – Awards to individuals (adults and students), chapters, and other woodturning-related associations.
  • Educational Opportunity Grant (EOG) Lathe & Equipment Grants – Packages contain: Jet Mini Lathe (non-variable speed), set of Crown tools, tool package (to be determined), Nova chuck, and a faceshield.
  • Symposium Grants
  • Professional Outreach Program (POP) Fellowship Grants
  • WIT Women/Other Underrepresented Populations Events & Exhibitions Grant
  • ***WIT Membership Grants for Women
  • Membership Grants for Accredited Teachers

** To the best of my understanding this grant replaces the former AAW Scholarship program where any chapter could nominate one or more (dependent on chapter size) individuals once a year to be considered for a scholarship to either John C Campbell Folk School or to The Arrowmont School.

***The WIT Membership Grant requires that a MAWT Board Member submit the application. Contact me if you are interested.






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