Demo Videos

Recordings of club meetings and demonstrations.

January 2023 Meeeting – Members Present Items Recently Turned

November 2022 Meeting – Tony Rozendaal Demonstration on Lidded Jars

October 2022 Meeting – Tony Rozendaal Demonstration on Natural Edge Bowl

September 2022 Meeting – Jim Andresen Demonstration on Creating Dodecahedrons

August 2022 Meeting – Jerry Anson Presentation on Making the Large Hand Drill Model


July 2022 Meeting – Steve Fosticz makes an “Empty Bowl”

May 2022 Meeting – Curt Van Weelden presents “Making a Windsor Chair”

March 2022 Meeting – Ron Bukowy Presents “Therming”

January 2022 Meeting – Tom Hipsak Presents the Ringmaster “Bowl from a Board” Tool

(Toms’s demo begins at about 11:00 minutes, Gallery presentation begins at about 1:01:00 Minutes.)

November 2021 Meeting – Ron Zdroik presents Metal Reactive Paints and Carl and Pat Brust present Marbling Techniques

October 2021 Meeting – Bob Leonard Presents the Frugal Vacuum Chucking System (Demo starts at 26:43)

August 2021 Meeting – Kevin Seigworth presents sharpening turning tools with the One-Way Wolverine Jig (Demo intro begins at 12:50).

July 2021 Meeting – demonstration of the Chef Ware Kits EZ-Jig for threading and making spheres. Demo by Tony Rozendaal (begins 11:45).

May 2021 Meeting – a video that is similar to the portion of the meeting when Jerry Anson showed his Beads of Courage Box

April 2021 Meeting – Gallery Review, Presentation by Colleen Volland and Mark Trenier turns a Quick and Easy Bowl (Intro begins at 23 minutes)


February 2021 Demo – Jerry Tackes Demonstrates Jogs and Set-ups for Complex Segmented and Other Woodturnings

November 2020 Meeting – complete meeting – Mark Trenier demoing hand mirrors

September 2020 Meeting – complete meeting – Tom Hipsak demoing pen making tips (begins at 3:00) and Curt Van Weelden discussing laser engravers for the woodturners (begins at 30:00).

August 2020 Meeting – Ron Zdroik demos making rings

Cell Phone Video of the Dueling Woodturners at the March 2020 Meeting (Tony Rozendaal)

The video below is actually from 2019.