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Non-MAWT Events related to Woodturning

2021 Dates

Month Date Demo / Event Challenge
January 4 Remote Demo – Harvey Meyer – Turning a Platter. Harvey Meyer is a woodturner from Atlanta, GA. He has a website at http://www.harveymeyer.com/
February 1 6:30 PM – Remote Demo – Jerry Tackes – Jigs and set-ups for Specialty Projects
March 1 6:30 PM – Remote Demo – Rebecca DeGroot – demonstration of turning a legged bowl. Rebecca is originally from Michigan and now teaches high school art in Texas. https://rebeccadegroot.com/index.html
April 5 Guest Colleen Volland presentation on Empty Bowls. Bowl turning demonstration.
May 3 6:30 PM – Extended show and tell, Website tutorial and “open mike session”
June 7 6:00 PM – Dennis Belcher Remote Demo – “When Good Wood Cracks”
July 12 6:30 PM – First in-person meeting since Covid – Will also be broadcast via Zoom – Tony Rozendaal will demonstrate the Chef Ware Kits EZ-Jig for threading and possibly sphere creation.
August 2 6:30 PM – In Person Meeting – MAWt club member Kevin Seigworth – Sharpening. Kevin teaches sharpening for Woodcraft when they hold classes.
September 13 6:30 PM – In Person and Remote Demonstration – Harvey Meyer – Pedestal Boxes.
October 4 6:30 PM – In Person Meeting (also broadcast on Zoom) – Bob Leonard presented the Frugal Vacuum Chuck system and updates to the equipment that he provides..
November 1 6:30 PM – In Person Meeting (also broadcast on Zoom) – Ron Zdroik and Carl Brust will show various ways to enhance turned items with different methods of surface coloration.
December 6 Annual Christmas Party