2019 Meeting Photos

November Demonstration

2019 November Rob Nelson Demo

October Gallery (Tom Hipsak)

2019 October Meeting Gallery

August Gallery (Tom Hipsak)

2019 August Gallery

August Meeting (Dave Drickhamer)

2019 August Meeting

July Gallery (Tom Hipsak)

2019 July Meeting Gallery

June Gallery (Tom Hipsak)

2019 June Gallery

May Meeting (David Drickhamer)

2019 May Meeting

April 2019 Gallery (Tom Hipsak)

2019 April Gallery

April 2019 Meeting (Dave Drickhamer)

2019 April Meeting
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Meeting Photos from March 2019 Meeting (Dave Drickhamer)

2019 March Meeting

Video from March 2019 Meeting (Dave Drickhamer)

Cell-phone pics from inside of booth at 2019 Woodworking Show

2019 Woodworking Show

Meeting Photos from February 2019 Meeting (Dave Drickhamer)

2019 February Meeting

Gallery Photos from January 2019 Meeting (Tom Hipsak)

2019 January Meeting Gallery