Special Demonstrators

It is the object of MAWT to provide special demonstrators at least once a year. These are typically  a nationally known woodturner who comes in and provides a paid demonstration on a Saturday that highlights their particular niche in woodturning. Then, on Sunday and sometimes extending over to Monday, a paid hands-on session is offered to local woodturners. This provides an opportunity for club members to be exposed to new and exciting techniques without the need to travel.

MAWT has hosted a number of special demonstrator over the years. This is an incomplete list:

November 2019 – Rob Nelson

2019 November Rob Nelson Demo

April 2018 – Michael Gibson

November 2016 – Cindy Drozda

2015 – Bihn Pho

July 2015 – Clifford Lounsbury

2014 – Nick Cook

2013 – Alan Lacer

2012 – Lyle Jamiesen


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