Ron Nelson

Hello my name is Ron Nelson most everyone knows me as the guy with the camera around his neck at the meetings shooting pictures.
Next month I’ll be demonstrating to the club how to Turn Finials.
I belong to only one club The Milwaukee Area Wood turners club and have been involved since the beginning of the club. I’m retired and live in Milwaukee with my lovely wife (who is writing this) and three cats who have left their paw print all over it. I have two grown kid’s one girl and one boy. My wife and I look forward to summer when we can get out on our matching Harleys. I have been a woodworker for many years, but started turning about ten years ago.
I own a Jet 16-42 lathe, truly a great machine (like a Harley). In 2004, I took one of Hank Bardehagen’s Bowl Turning Class; I still have the cracked bowl I made from that class that will always leave special memories about the day with Hank and becoming his woodturning “friend.” Not long thereafter at a woodworking show in 2004 or 2005 my wife **insisted** on buying a mini-lathe at the Woodcraft booth, as with the lathe purchase they offered a free pen turning class she wanted to take. She said “Oh the machine is so inexpensive… only $150!” Well I showed her…the next day I was back at Woodcraft and bought over $800 worth of chisels.
As far as mentoring, yes, I do mentoring, and if anyone wanted to learn anything from me and wanted to spend time in my shop with me, it has always been an open door policy and everyone is welcome if you want to lean from me and my ways.
I love everything about turning…even the cleanup at the end of a project. If you look at my shop keeping things in order makes it easier the next time you work on something you can find it.
I really do not have any favorite piece I’ve made, but I know my wife has her favorites and will not give them up.
The turners who have influenced me in my turning are Hank Bardenhagen, Cindy Drozga, Jimmy Clewes, Mike Stafford.
I don’t have a favorite kind of wood I just like Burls because of their beauty does not make a difference what type “JUST BURLS”
Do I have any plans in the future like new equipment or projects, sure but I don’t know what they are yet, they will just show up after my wife see something she likes and wants (insist) me to make it.
My words of wisdom to fellow wood turners are “If you aren’t having fun you’re doing it wrong”.