One of the best benefits of our club is a well-stocked lending library with a variety of woodturning books, magazines and videos. The library is open during almost every club meeting.

The Library is available to MAWt club members. All that is required is you check out the material with one of our volunteers, and that the material is returned within a reasonable time.

A list of videos in the library appears below:
No.NewTitleMediaPresenterProvided ByReplacement Cost
1 Photo CD of 2006 AAW SymposiumCDCarl BrustCarl Brust$10.00
2 Segmented Turning BasicsCDJim LimburgJim LimburgPriceless 🙂
3 The Skew ChiselDVDAlan LacerMAWT$34.99
4 Son of SkewDVDAlan LacerMAWT$34.99
5 Hand Thread ChasingDVDAllan BattyBill O'Conner$19.99
6 Turned Bowls Made Easy (1)DVDBill GrumbineMAWT$34.90
7 Turned Bowls Made Easy (2)DVDBill GrumbineEarl Elwell$34.90
8 Thin Wall TurningDVDBinh PhoMAWT$34.95
9 Sorby Demo (1)DVDChris PouncyDennis Dee$10.00
10 Fabulous Finial BoxDVDCindy DrozdaMAWT$35.00
11 Elegant FinialsDVDCindy DrozdaMAWT$35.00
12 Finial StarDVDCindy DrozdaMAWT$35.00
13 Bottle StoppersDVDCliff MitchellDennis Dee$10.00
15 Master's Course in Woodturning – Beg. 1DVDEli AverseraMAWT$30.10
16 Master's Course in Woodtuming – Beg. 2DVDEli AverseraMAWT$31.10
17 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Beg. 3DVDEli AverseraMAWT$32.10
18 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Beg. 4DVDEli AverseraMAWT$33.10
19 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Beg. 5DVDEli AverseraMAWT$34.10
20 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Interm. 1DVDEli AverseraMAWT$35.10
21 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Interm. 2DVDEli AverseraMAWT$36.10
22 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Interm. 3DVDEli AverseraMAWT$37.10
23 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Interm. 4DVDEli AverseraMAWT$38.10
24 Master's Course in Woodturning – Interm. 5DVDEli AverseraMAWT$39.10
25 Master's Course in Woodtuming – Interm. 6DVDEli AverseraMAWT$40.10
26 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Interm. 7DVDEli AverseraMAWT$41.10
27 Master's Course in Woodturning – Adv. 1DVDEli AverseraMAWT$42.10
28 Master's Course in Woodturning – Adv. 2DVDEli AverseraMAWT$43.10
29 Master's Course in Woodturning – Adv. 3DVDEli AverseraMAWT$44.10
30 Master"s Course in Woodtuming – Adv. 4DVDEli AverseraMAWT$45.10
31 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Adv. 5DVDEli AverseraMAWT$46.10
32 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Adv. 6DVDEli AverseraMAW'['$47.10
33 Master"s Course in Woodturning – Adv. 7DVDEli AverseraMAWT$48.10
34 Beyond Wood … Portrait of an ArtistDVDHans Weissflog $12.95
35 Solid Wood Pepper Mill (1)DVDJason SwansonDennis Dee$10.00
36 Beer Tap Handle (1)DVDJim StephanDennis Dee$10.00
37 Turn it On – volume 1DVDJimmy ClewesMAWT$36.90
38 Turn it On – volume 2DVDJimmy ClewesMAWT$36.90
39 Turn it On – volume 3DVDJimmy ClewesMAWT$36.90
40 TurnaroundDVDJimmy ClewesSandy Sheahan$29.99
41 Turn It Up – Volume 1DVDJimmy ClewesMAWT$29.99
42 Turn It Up – Volume 2DVDJimmy ClewesMAWT$29.99
43 Turn It Up – Volume 3DVDJimmy ClewesMAWT$29.99
44 Back to BasicsDVDJimmy ClewesMAWT$29.99
45 Necklace Pendant (1)DVDJon BehnkeDennis Dee$10.00
46 Sharpening DemystifiedDVDKirk DeHeerCraft Supply$24.99
47 Bowl Basics The Easy WayDVDLyle JamiesonMAWT$39.99
48 Hollow Forms – The Easy WayDVDLyle JamiesonMAWT$29.99
49 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning Vol. 1DVDMalcolm TibbettsMAWT$34.95
50 Hollow Forms and Urns – A WorkshopDVDMike MahoneyMAWT$24.99
51 From the Tree to the Table (2)DVDMike MahoneyAnonymous$24.99
52 Heirlooms – Making Things That LastDVDMike MahoneyMAWT$29.99
53 On the McNaughton Center SaverDVDMike Mahoney $29.99
54 Turning Pens I The Basics and BeyondDVDRex Burningham & Kip ChristensenMAWT$19.99
55 Turning Pens II More Pens Plus Tips & TricksDVDRex Burningham & Kip ChristensenMAWT$19.99
56 Thin Stern Goblet (1)DVDRob NelsonDennis Dee$10.00
57 Hollow BoxesDVDRon NelsonDennis Dee$10.00
58 Airbrush Techniques (1)DVDRoy LindleyDennis Dee$10.00
59 Robert Sorby ProEdge Sharpening SystemDVDSorby – PromotionalSorby 
60 Robert Sorby Specialist Woodturning ToolsDVDSorby – PromotionalSorby 
61 Two Ways to Make a BowlDVDStuart Batty & Mike MahoneyMAWT$29.56
62 Turned Out Nice Again! (1)DVDSue HarkerMAWT$34.00
65 Decorative Utility BowlsDVDTrent BoschMAWT$24.99
66 Vessels of IllusionDVDTrent BoschMAWT$24.95
67 Beer Tap Handle (2)DVDJim StephanDennis Dee$10.00
68 Beer Tap Handle (3)DVDJim StephanDennis Dee$10.00
69 Beyond the Basic BowlDVDBill GrumbineMAWT$34.90
70 Solid Wood Pepper Mill (2)DVDJason SwansonDennis Dee$10.00
71 Woodturning – Getting Started RightDVDAlan Lacer  
72 Projects Along the Woodturning TrailDVDAlan Lacer $49.95
73 Turned Out Nice Again! (2)DVDSue HarkerMAWT$34.00
74 Making a PeppermillDVDTed SokolowskiMAWT$29.99
75 From the Tree to the Table (1)DVDMike MahoneyAnonymous$24.99
76 Turning a Box with a fitted LidDVDRichard RaffanAnonymous 
76 Woodturning – Various Projects (1)DVD   
77 Turning WoodDVDRichard Raffan  
78 Turning WoodDVDRichard Raffan  
79 Turning WoodDVDRichard RaffanMAWT$19.99
80 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning Vol. 2DVDMalcolm TibbettsMAWT$34.95
81 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning Vol. 3DVDMalcolm TibbettsMAWT$34.95
82 Bowl TurningDVDDel Stubbs  
83 Bowl TurningDVDDel Stubbs  
84 2010 segmented SymposiumDVD   
85 Woodturning – Various Projects (2)DVD   
86 Airbrush Techniques (2)DVDRoy LindleyDennis Dee$10.00
87 Airbrush Techniques (3)DVDRoy LindleyDennis Dee$10.00
88 Necklace Pendant (2)DVDJon BehnkeDennis Dee$10.00
89 Necklace Pendant (3)DVDJon BehnkeDennis Dee$10.00
90 Necklace Pendant (4)DVDJon BehnkeDennis Dee$10.00
91 Woods of the BibleDVDHank BardenhagenHank Bardenhagen
92 Apple with ArrowDVDRick Erdmann  
93 Sorby Demo (2)DVDChris PouncyDennis Dee$10.00
94 Sorby Demo (3)DVDChris PouncyDennis Dee$10.00
95 Thin Stem Goblet (2)DVDRob NelsonDennis Dee$10.00
96 Thin Stem Goblet (3)DVDRob NelsonDennis Dee$10.00
97 Acorn Birdhouse (1)DVDHarol SolbergDennis Dee$10.00
98 Acorn Birdhouse (2)DVDHarold SolbergDennis Dee$10.00
99 Acorn Birdhouse (3)DVDHarold SolbergDennis Dee$10.00
100 The Three Wing BowlDVDMax SchoenburgerDennis Dee$10.00
101 Christmas OrnamentsDVDCliff MitchellDennis Dee$10.00
102 Apple BoxDVDCliff Mitchell iDennis Dee$10.00
103 Segmented Turning Part 2DVDJason SwansonDennis Dee$10.00
104 Woodturning SafetyDVDDavid Krajec $20.00
105 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning – Vol. 4DVDMalcolm TibbettsMAWT$35.95
106 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning – Vol. 5DVDMalcolm TibbettsMAWT$35.95
107Mar-11Finishing Secrets – Vol. 1DVDRuss FairfieldMAWT$29.95
108Mar-11Finishing Secrets Vol. 2DVDRuss FairfieldMAWT$29.95
109Mar-11Finishing Secrets Vol. 3DVDRuss FairfieldMAWT$29.95
110Jun-11Woodturning – From Tree to BowlDVDTim YoderAAW$29.99
111Jun-11Toy LawnmowerDVDTim YoderTim Yoder$29.99
112Jun-11Elliptical Turning – an IntroductionDVDDavid SpringettAAW$33.90
113Jun-11Secrets to Creating Two Piece Hollow FormsDVDBrian McEvoyAAW$33.90
114Jun-11Woodburning, Airbrushing Texturing & PiercinDVDBrian McEvoyAAW$33.90
115Jun-11AAW Symposium Techniques 2003 Vol. 1DVDVariousAAW$32.29
116Jun-11AAW Symposium Techniques 2003 Vol. 2DVDVarious VariousAAW$32.29
117Jun-11AAW Symposium Techniques 2010 Vol. 1DVDVariousAAW$32.29
118Jun-11AAW Symposium Techniques 2010 Vol. 2DVDVariousAAW$32.29
119Jun-11The Iside Story a Study in Hollow Form Turnin,DVDMark SangerAAW$32.95
120Jun-11What a Relief Seasoning for Textured BowlDVDMark SangerAAW$28.95
121Jun-11Turn it Up Vol. 1DVDJimmy ClewesAAW$29.99
122Jun-11Woodturning Projects Volume 1DVDRex and KipAAW$19.99
123Jun-11Woodturning Projects Volume 2DVDRex and KipAAW$19.99
124Jun-11Woodturning Projects Volume 3DVDRex and KipAAW$19.99
125Jun-11Woodturning Projects Volume 4DVDRex and KipAAW$19.99
126Jun-11Intro to Segmented by Curt TheobaldDVDCurt TheobaldAAW$25.95
127Jun-11Segmented Patterns by Curt TheobaldDVDCurt TheobaldAAW$29.95
128Jun-11Creating Creative InlayDVDLarry FoxAAW$16.50
129Jun-11Creating Outlays form InlaysDVDLarry FoxAAW$16.50
130Jun-11Mastering the Large Captive Boring BarDVDBrian McEvoyAAW$29.95